“Conrad is Fast, Efficient and Fair
In my experience, there are only two kinds of HVAC people; Great Craftsmen and everybody else. Conrad is the first kind, and the only kind one would want working on their project.
When our main HVAC unit would run, but not cool, I called Conrad and described the symptoms. He arrived shortly thereafter with the necessary equipment and parts to resolve the issue quickly and expertly, and at a fair price. I was impressed with his depth of knowledge, his courteous manner and his meticulous work.
I particularly appreciated his willingness to explain as he worked; filling me in on what went wrong, possible causes and preventative measures. It was like having a good friend sharing practical advice and helping me out. I would highly recommend anyone to contact Conrad for any HVAC need, even if it is to ask a simple question or to discuss a repair needed or to explore a new or replacement unit. He will be there for you, just like he has been here for me.”